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"Freeheld Makes Indiewire's List of Short Film Superstars of 2007"
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"Freeheld featured in Tom O'Neil's 2007 World of Worthy Films"
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"Staggering & Unforgettable."
Cynthia Nixon

"Fortunately, in Laurel's tragedy lies the foundation for change."
Anne Thompson, Variety

"It's been a long journey, I'm sure, for everyone involved with the film, and while the struggle for equal marriage rights continues, advancements are being made through the courageous actions of people like Hester, Andree and Wade."
Greg Marzullo, Washington Blade

"Best Straight Allies: Cynthia Wade and Vanessa Roth"

"'Freeheld,' a short documentary that airs tonight on Cinemax, makes a strong argument that, in some corners of the country, the public has moved past complacency and into advocacy - and that widespread acceptance for gay couples' rights may be closer than many have guessed … "You have the power!" the people at the meetings keep chanting, as they urge the freeholders to change their minds. But the people have it backwards. The power turns out to be theirs."
Joanna Weiss, The Boston Globe

"A truly inspiring film, 'Freeheld' sums up the whole theme of Pride Month in one 38-minute tale of tragedy and triumph."

"'Freeheld' does an admirable job making its case for the need for equal rights as a matter of fairness regardless of where one stands in the culture wars."
Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Filmmaker Cynthia Wade's camera, both in the hearing room and in the home of the grieving Andree and the ever-more-frail Hester, is remarkably unobtrusive as it captures the controversy and the human beings caught up in it. The result is well worth 40 minutes of anyone's time."
Joanne Weintraub, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Cynthia Wade's doc does so much with so little…The inherent tension of the title, "Freeheld," is matched by the subtle blurring of easy oppositions in the film: as the everyday becomes heroic, the personal is obviously political (the freeholders refuse to see how their bottom-line economic rationale so ruthlessly affects people). This documentary is eloquent testimony that gay rights is simply about the blindingly obvious, absolute justice of seeing any human being as deserving of the same respect, peace, and dignity as any other."
Brian Wilson, Vue Weekly

"An extraordinary film... it has the potential to change the hearts of Americans everywhere."
Camryn Manheim, Actress

"Freeheld is a quietly understated work of art that packs a punch you will feel for days."
Armistead Maupin

"Cynthia Wade presents perhaps the single best, most coherent argument for GLBT equality. If Freeheld isn't Oscar-worthy... I don't know what is!"
Daniel Kent, Out & About Nashville

"Freeheld is simply an amazing documentary, a true piece of unscripted reality, with all its blemishes and beauty intact. It is a documentary that pays fitting tribute to a true hero, a woman who refused to compromise and who ultimately helped to secure for all of us a little bit more of the equality we all richly deserve. A+"
Edge Boston

"OUTSTANDING... An absolutely amazing film, it demonstrates again what we learned here in Washington this past legislative session - showing the injustice of discrimination faced by same sex couples by personalizing it with real human faces and stories is the most effective tool for changing public opinion."
Seattle Gay News

"A heart-stopping documentary."
Philadelphia Gay News

"Freeheld... offers an up-close look at the tangible results of what can often seem an abstract debate."
Paul Grgurovic, The Valley Advocate

"Freeheld is the kind of documentary that incites audiences to sob and then take to the streets in protest. A galvanizing experience."
Richard Knight, Windy City Times

"Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, Cynthia Wade's short film Freeheld is guaranteed to have even the most stoic viewer reaching for the nearest box of tissues."
Gregg Shapiro, Chicago Free Press

"Intimate and unflinching... sure to have a long lasting hold on viewers."
Chicago Free Press

"This film puts us through the wringer - when we're not sobbing we're spitting mad."
The Kansas City Star

"If ever there was a rallying cry for the full rights of marriage, it's this excellent and truly heart-breaking film."
Washington Blade

"Wade overwhelmingly succeeds in connecting the viewer with what is ultimately a very personal story."
Park Slope Courier

"In 38 minutes, filmmaker Cynthia Wade has captured a love story that is effective in conveying simple truths about duty, justice and equality... You do not want to miss this film."
The Rainbow Times

"[Freeheld] creates a powerful portrait of a couple trying to cope with love and loss... the struggle of Hester and Andree is a love story of the most human kind, one that will have you wiping tears away at the end."
The Hampshire Gazette

"Hester's story needs to be told because she's an American hero. But it also needs to be told because most Americans, gay and straight, need to understand that what happened to Hester isn't an aberration: it's the norm and it's legal."
Q Salt Lake

"[Freeheld] packs a wallop as a wrenching portrayal of a monumental injustice. Luminous scenes of Hester and her lover, Stacie Andree, are balanced with sequences of Hester's tragic decline and riveting moments of combat in the Freeholder meetings... Bring a hanky."
Just Out Magazine

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