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The expanded DVD includes the entire Oscar® winning film, as well as 100 additional minutes of never-before-seen footage, including:

  • Oscar Day: Behind the Scenes
  • The Making of FREEHELD
  • Laurel and Stacie's Video Diary
  • Laurel's Childhood
  • Communities Respond to Freeheld
   Individual Home Use:: $29.99 + $10 shipping
(No Public Performance Rights)
    Are you purchasing a copy of FREEHELD strictly for your own personal use, in your own home?


Also by
Cynthia Wade...

Institutions and Public Use: $295 + $10 shipping
(Includes Unlimited Public Performance Rights)
    Are you acquiring the film:
    - For a public library's collection?
    - To be shown in a high school classroom?
    - For a public screening?
    - For a registered non-profit organization that will use it for training or fundraising purposes?
NOTE: If you need a rush order on a DVD, please email Cynthia directly at cwade@cynthiawade.com

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