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Diversity Training- Click here to download a pdf with information on corporate screenings

"Cynthia's engaging delivery, whether as the introducer of the film or as the fielder of questions, is smart, down-to-earth, oftern funny, and at all times utterly captivating."
      ~Jeff Siminoff, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

"I really don't know anyone else like Cynthia. I know people who are great filmmakers, but they have a limited sense of social justice; and I've known social activists who have no artistic ability. My agency is very keen to keep working with her."
      ~Tim Speidel, Executive Producer, ARNOLD Worldwide

"Unlike traditional corporate gatherings, Cynthia's documentary allowed people to have very immediate, direct connections on both a personal and professional front. As a result, new business relationships were formed, while people were made aware of an important social issue. The audience had a shared experience that created or strengthened bonds. Deloitte will definitely be sponsoring similar events in the future."
       ~Charles Alsdorf, Director, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP

"Freeheld puts the emotion behind diversity training, and touches an element of the human soul."
      ~Francisca Brown, Multicultural Market Field Development Director, American Family Insurance

"Because of what a beautiful, moving film Freeheld is and what an incredible figure Cynthia cuts... this was one of our firm's proudest moments."
      ~Tim Speidel, Executive Producer, ARNOLD Worldwide

"My goal is to ensure that all 350,000 employees of IBM worldwide view this film."
      ~Irwin Drucker, Global Procurement Director, IBM

"A stunning and powerful film that rivets the audience and dovetails extremely well with corporate diversity initiatives... brief enough to hold the attention of a corporate audience, yet long lasting in its impact."
      ~Jeffrey Siminoff, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

"Understanding other peoples' points of view is something we value at McCann, and it's a key element to maintaining an inclusive work environment. Freeheld supports this philosophy."
      ~Toni Thompson, Multicultural Program Developer, McCann-Erickson

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